Jupiter in the signs

Jupiter in the signs - Aries 
Jupiter in Aries can display an impulsive enthusiasm for new experiences and possibilities. This Jupiter is easily animated and encouraged to try out new things that allow him to expand his horizons. Jupiter in Aries wants more out of life whether this is from the job, from their relationships or any other area in life where they have to show a certain level of engagement. This Jupiter does not mind being a leader and pioneer – on the contrary, it’s in his nature and if things don’t work out, he’ll keep going until it eventually does. The Aries- Jupiter has a clear goal and is keen to get there in the most straight forward manner without much delay or revision.

As he gets so easily inspired, he might also take on many projects at the same time and try everything out without finishing unfinished business. However, as the Jupiter in Aries has the urge to build something meaningful and something that he believes in, he will eventually, with some maturity, ensure he finds something that provides enough inspiration, animation, challenge and freedom to stay on the straight and narrow and reach the end goal.
Aries is associated with the first sign of the zodiac and therefore the self. Jupiter delivers an unshakable belief in oneself. If all other aspects in the chart concur, this is someone with a lot of self-confidence and a strong, youthful physical appearance.

The Jupiter in Aries can go a long way in all areas of life if he keeps his eyes on maybe just one prize.

Jupiter in the signs - Taurus 

Jupiter in Taurus slows down a couple of gears compared to Jupiter in Aries. This Jupiter believes in wealth, accumulation, a comfortable lifestyle with the necessary luxuries to accompany him. His philosophy in life is based on enjoyment and comforts which he achieves slowly but surely – without wanting to make too much of an effort but by economising to get the best possible result. Jupiter also rules wisdom. However, with this placement, knowledge and expansion of the mind are directed towards earthly objective and tangible results. This Jupiter needs to feel full of life and wants to be part of it at any given time. Theoretical and intellectual world views don’t carry much weight for him – he would rather know what things look, feel and taste like.

The Taurus-Jupiter has the right amount of patience to wait for the right moment before he deems it time to act or, most likely, to react. Before it gets to that point though, he would rather focus on the good times. Sometimes, however, this Jupiter may indeed miss the right moment and realises that on occasion, it pays to get going a little sooner.

In the sign of Venus, Jupiter in Taurus trusts everything Venusian – relationships, love, romance, solid values, self-worth, luxuries and comfort.

In business, this Jupiter needs to be able to see the real value of every offer. As Jupiter rules optimism, he may be able to take a few risks but only if they are really worthwhile. Jupiter in Taurus also brings the necessary levels of tolerance and patience to see things through.

In relationships, this Jupiter is one of the most generous. He loves his family and partner and of course wants them to be part of his comfortable life that he has built for himself.  

Martha Stewart, the American business magnate, author, homemaking advocate and former stockbroker has her Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th house. This can mean large amounts of other people's money. However, she has a Libra Ascendant which means that Jupiter rules her less auspicious 3rd and 6th houses. 


Jupiter brings everything these houses stand for into the realm of the 8th house and plain speaking, this means large amounts of 'secret money', 'hidden knowledge' and 'secret wealth'. With this placement, there may also be a considerable inaccuracies when it comes to accounting and telling the straight truth - she was convicted for insider trading in 2004 when she ran the a Dasha or timeframe of the lord of the 8th house!

This is the North Indian style to present the birth chart - same as Western charts, just different!    

Jupiter in the signs - Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini has an almost insatiable desire for information, communication and interaction. This Jupiter is able to build large media empires or vastly expand their knowledge by reading or through the use of gadgets. Steve Jobs had his Jupiter in Gemini; he built one of the biggest business in history based on the development of communication gadgets.

This Jupiter loves places like book shops and everywhere where there is something interesting to be seen, heard and observed. He is flexible and able to easily move from one conversation or even location to the next. The desire to learn and experience new things is endless and therefore, often, this Jupiter is able to bring add something to every conversation.

The same goes for the network of colleagues and friends. Jupiter in Gemini is extremely well connected and always keen to meet new people that might have something interesting to say. He is able to put people in touch with each other – whatever the reason, need or purpose. This Gemini makes for the kind of person that goes into a cafĂ©, bookshop or the supermarket and can find himself in endless conversations with complete strangers.

The Gemini-Jupiter does not necessarily need to have full-time employment. He is happy with a few jobs here and there that allow him to gain new insights all the time. Jupiter rules optimism so this one knows that he will always find a way to make money through his vast network of friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

The challenge for this Jupiter, however, is that he gets so caught up in day to day interaction and information gathering that he fails to see the bigger picture. He needs to stay focused to string all the pieces together. 

Paul McCartney has his Jupiter in the Gemini and in the 5th house together with the Sun. This combination in the house that signifies performance and the stage makes for a great stage-presence. 

In Gemini, there may be many skills and talents involved and in fact, he is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. 

Jupiter in the signs - Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer is exalted, so he feels most comfortable here. In the sign of the Moon, Jupiter makes for a born optimist even during the tough times. Jupiter with his expansive qualities in Cancer is emotionally generous and this is also great placement for the physical manifestation of that, i.e. the expansion of land and the possession of large properties as the Moon rules the astrological 4th house! Now, don’t think estate agent straight away, this is Mars or maybe Mercury in Cancer. Jupiter in Cancer just believes in an optimistic and vast basic attitude, cultural and territorial expansion and a strong sense of morality. 

Jupiter rules faraway lands and Cancer rules the home, so this Jupiter can also live abroad for a long time or even emigrate for good. Nevertheless, despite his globally minded and expansive nature, this Jupiter is still very much rooted in its own culture.  

Jupiter in Cancer is very personal and protective of his family which does not even need to include just blood relatives but can also include his spiritual family. Abstract and topics that are too intellectual are not something that warms the heart of a Cancer-Jupiter, instead, he needs to be touched emotionally to trust, believe and have faith. Jupiter also sometimes goes overboard so the need to protect, nurture and care can sometimes be too much to bear for other people.  

Jupiter himself if very honest and in Cancer, he expects nothing less but honest, emotional interaction. In traditional astrology, Jupiter also rules the 12th house, so he will know intuitively when someone is not honest with their feelings towards him or even others.

Pamela Anderson has her Jupiter in Cancer. As Cancer rules the breasts and Jupiter expands whatever he touches...go figure! However, regardless of her physical appearance, she is said to be a great mum that loves being around her kids and family. 

Jupiter in the signs - Leo

Jupiter in the sign of Leo brings great confidence and self-esteem into the area of creativity and self-expression. Similar to Jupiter in Aries, this Jupiter has not problems with self-confidence and is a generous leader.

Jupiter in Leo loves dramatic appearances. Full of humour, optimism and confidence, he stands up in front of everyone to display his creative potential – or that of everyone around him. He is encouraging with a big heart and a lot to give, allowing the less confident ones around him to feed off the light he gives off. Not in a negative way, this Jupiter loves the attention that gives him. Jupiter rules expansion and in Leo, he makes for a hugely charismatic personality.

In relationships, this Jupiter is one of the most caring and generous. He wants a partner that shares his limelight with him…but of course not take it away from him.

On the negative side, Jupiter in Leo can come across as arrogant and intellectually presumptuous. However, this may be a sign that this Jupiter is trying to hide hurtful experiences from the past behind his behaviour. It is important for this Jupiter to recognise if his self-confidence is honest or whether he compensates for secret self-doubt. If the latter is the case, Jupiter in Leo might get a bit annoyed a bit too easily. Some self-reflection is the key here. 

Actress Kim Cattrall not only has her Jupiter in Leo, she also has the Sun and Pluto in this sign - the born stage presence.

Jupiter in the signs - Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo is keen to obtain the truth through detailed and carefully laid out information. His philosophy in life is based on engaging in topics and ideas in a very thorough manner which also allows him to separate the good from the bad. He believes in the accuracy of information but whatever information and detail he obtains, it can always be even more accurate. Nevertheless, Jupiter in Virgo is able to tell it as it is – even from different points of view but to perfection - without digressing too much.  

Jupiter’s expansive nature does not feel so comfortable in nitty gritty Virgo so it’s important that this Jupiter keeps the bigger picture in mind without criticising his surroundings at every opportunity. In order to achieve his goals, Jupiter in Virgo will do better by choosing his battles wisely – very wisely. Conflict comes easily to this Jupiter but it won’t always help him in reaching his goals. 

This is a good position for big projects that require a lot of detail and forward planning. In Virgo, this is best done in the medical field or in public health. The expansive nature of Jupiter can be best put to work here. 

Jupiter in Virgo can also come with an exaggerated perfectionism with high expectations of themselves and of others. However, this Jupiter is just keen to learn and knows a lot – and usually is also modest with it. He takes it for granted that his knowledge of certain topics is comprehensive and without asking for much in return, he freely shares his insights.

Jupiter in the signs - Libra 

Jupiter in Libra believes in balance and in expanding his wisdom and knowledge through relationships and agreements with others. He strongly believes in harmony and balance in all situations and loves beautiful surroundings. Justice, harmony and loving relationships are his aim and the more balanced he feels, the closer to reaching his goals he think he is. This is a charming and popular Jupiter that treats everyone so fairly. This skill usually opens many doors for him. 

This Jupiter is inclusive of others, has taste and style and very easily feels at home among high society and their party circuit. He is also a great host. 

Jupiter rules the law and Libra rules balance, so in this position, he is actually the born judge and diplomat with an understanding of different points of view, fairness and strategic skills. Consequently, there can also be a certain level of indecisiveness about him. In order to get to where he wants to get, Jupiter in Libra needs to look at the bigger picture and the courage to stand by his goals and defend his point of view. Otherwise, he risks losing his credibility. Remember, you can’t please everyone.  

At the same time, Jupiter does not necessarily feel that comfortable the sign of the balance. Jupiter wants to say it as it is and the truth sometimes hurts. Libra wants to avoid an imbalance that could emerge as the result of some outspoken truths and wants to keep the peace at all times.  

Jupiter aims to expand spiritual wisdom, however, Libra aims to develop and accumulate worldly goods. In some ways the two natures are incompatible which may result in a friendly face that hides its true intentions. Jupiter in Libra needs to make sure he only shows his real persona. Ultimately, this will be the less painful path.
The current Dalai Lama has his Jupiter in Libra in the 4th house. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and above and beyond his religious dedication, he is a well-known defender of his Tibetan roots - his homeland.

Jupiter in the signs - Scorpio 

Jupiter in Scorpio expands his knowledge by diving into the deepest corners of the personality. He expands his wisdom by understanding psychology, going where no man has gone before in their quest for the truth and nothing but the truth. In their desire to expand their horizons, they may well break taboos until they get to the bottom of things. For them, truth is the light which enables them to transform.

Jupiter in Scorpio has faith in healing and transformation and with all his depth, he has the ability to have very strong belief and unwavering faith in something once he has set his mind on it. Jupiter in Scorpio also loves power and with his expansive nature, big bucks and a huge amount of power (and responsibility) come with this placement. Scorpio is also the sign of secrecy so it’d be interesting to see how many Jupiter in Scorpio people work on large scale projects for the secret service!

If the Jupiter-Scorpio reminds himself that it pays – quite literally – to remain open, deal with the correct information and remember your limits, he can walk away with a very nice sum of money. This usually sets in later in life with a little bit of maturity.

Jupiter in Scorpio needs to make sure he always sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Otherwise, he may get stuck in obsessive and compulsive behaviours that only lead to paralysis. He is able to recognise the motivations of others – sometimes better than their own – but they can’t stand injustice, especially towards others. If it is directed at them, the famous Scorpio sting comes out to play.

Mitt Romney has his Jupiter in Scorpio, meaning he is capable of deep  and unwavering faith. Some may think to the point of arrogance...

Jupiter in the signs - Sagittarius 

Jupiter is at home here and has faith in the human potential for expansion. He has a strong belief in faith and the law. This Jupiter is also a born teacher and mentor who generously passes on his wisdom to his disciples.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is born with an enthusiasm for travelling and all things philosophical and spiritual that allow him to expand his horizons. This Jupiter loves travelling through the vast country side where he can feel free and where he can think about the purpose of life. All of which helps him to satisfy the desire for more knowledge, experience and constant inspiration and mental stimulation. This Jupiter wishes his whole life was one big and never-ending adventure and trip around the world.

This Jupiter is direct in his attitude towards other people; he doesn’t see the point in pulling the wool over someone’s eyes. For him, there is no point in bending the truth. This also goes for relationships where he needs a lot of freedom and someone with the same sense of adventure. However, this will also depend on where a person's Ascendant, Moon, Venus and Mars and where they are placed in the chart.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is often convinced of his – current – world view. Very convinced! Although Jupiter is not a warrior as such, but perhaps there is a majority of people with Jupiter in Sagittarius that are involved in religious wars.

Jupiter in its own sign likes everything larger than life – a large house, a large car and an even larger bank account. And above all that, he wants to be seen as well travelled and open-minded. However, due to their innate optimism, they sometimes need to be careful and not think that the bank account fills itself at the end of each month after they’ve lived the high-life.

Charlie Chaplin, for exmaple, has his Jupiter in Sagittarius. Although this placement does not suggest acting on its own, it certainly helped him enact the role of the clown over and over again. Sagittarius never takes life too seriously!

Jupiter in the signs - Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn prefers to believe in a philosophy that can be turned into practical reality and preferably also tangible assets. Therefore, he is able to achieve his goals with a methodical step-by-step approach. He does not believe in ideologies but searches for clear and defined structures.

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and although he epxands whatever he touches, with this placement, there might be an exaggerated emphasis on external appearances, status, status symbols, hierarchies and reputation. Jupiter wants to believe, however, Saturn’s strict limitation on anything that can’t be touched and is tangible often does not allow for deep faith. Instead, Jupiter here believes in worldly achievements, material success and results. Queen Elizabeth II, for example, has her Jupiter in Capricorn.

Despite all the sobriety, Jupiter in Capricorn needs to be enthusiastic about the task in hand and convinced that it serves a purpose. His point of view is clearly structured although there might be the danger that he thinks that his point of the view is the only one worth listening to. He believes in following the rules, traditions and established structures and in rising through the ranks patiently but persistently. Jupiter in Capricorn has a long breath and is able to plan ahead for a stable financial future.

This Jupiter actually does well in the army but he needs to be careful not to be too rigid and self-righteous.  

Jupiter in the signs - Aquarius 

Jupiter in Aquarius is future-oriented and their philosophy in life is based on unconventional and innovative concepts. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign and Jupiter is inclusive of ALL. Therefore, Jupiter in Aquarius is very skilled in connecting varies people and groups, disregarding the class system. This Jupiter has an extensive network of friends, associations and acquaintances where he can freely contemplate abstract vision, ideas, hopes and dream and combine them creatively. Similar to Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter in this position is not concerned with the spiritual side of faith and its development. Sure, there is belief and faith but it’s directed towards the development of scientific understanding.

Jupiter in Aquarius, or more specifically in the 11th house, is more likely to gain and prosper when they are involved and deal with large audiences. Especially on a global scale.

Jupiter in Aquarius is always open towards new ideas and group activities that help him expand his horizon and knowledge. In contradiction to the typical Jupitarian characteristics, in Aquarius, he wants to be free from all limiting belief systems, and strict hierarchies and roles. He wants to experiment with different forms of relationships with enough freedom for personal development and most importantly, independence. Personal responsibility and equality is what he trusts – for him as much as for others.

Jupiter in Aquarius listens to the zeitgeist and understands trends long before they become mainstream. However, with all his foresight and humanitarian qualities, he needs to take other people’s feelings and needs into consideration so that his ideas and suggestion inspire not only a few but so that they become tangible reality.

Lady Gaga has her Jupiter in eccentric Aquarius alongside a retrograde Mercury and with a square from Saturn. Aquarius can have two sides as in modern astrology, it's ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Although the eccentric and individualistic side of her is clearly obvious, she might also have very humanitarian beliefs.  

Jupiter in the signs - Pisces

In traditional astrology, Jupiter rules Pisces, so he feels very comfortable in this position. In the psychic world of Pisces, Jupiter is able to connect the material and the astral worlds. This does not necessarily mean that every Jupiter in Pisces has psychic abilities but there is a heightened sense of intuition and intuitive information and details are given as much weight as words written black on white.

His view of human nature is mainly intuitive and imaginative with a large amount of compassion and charitable giving.

Jupiter in Pisces has the ability to achieve his goals by dedicating himself and by being sensitive towards other people. This is a helpful Jupiter who easily and intuitively finds access to religious concepts. Jupiter in Pisces is also able to love unconditionally – their loved ones, neighbours and those in need. This Jupiter may well be involved in humanitarian aid projects and does not believe much in materialistic objectives.

But he does not have a thick skin and has the ability – for better or for worse – to let things get to him. This means that he will do better if he can distinguish between what supports his own personal development and what doesn’t. With this placement it's good to put up a few barriers so that he doesn’t become the scapegoat if something goes wrong. Meditation is a good way to remain balanced and keep the connection to ‘upstairs’ open.

Michelle Obama has her Jupiter in Pisces so this nicely complements her focused Capricorn Sun / Mars conjunction as well as her very humanitarian Venus / Moon conjunction in Aquarius.  

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