Mars in the signs - Virgo

The competitive perfectionist - only 150% is good enough. Mercury-ruled Virgo is attributed to the 6th house of the zodiac and looks after daily work and health routines, systems but also conflict and some say open enemies. With a Mars in Virgo, energy will be put into these areas of live with a keen eye for detail and a huge amount of perfectionism. Physical Mars doesn’t feel too good in the mentalised sign of Virgo which often produces sticklers for accuracy, precision and truthfulness.

There is a competitive urge to win an argument and similar to the other Mercury-ruled sign Gemini, this Mars can be super critical - there is always some imperfection that needs to be corrected.

Although there is a general humbleness about this Mars, he is not a lazy one as he deeply dislikes being unproductive – a multi-tasker that likes to complete his tasks well. While of course it affects the way they work, it also impacts the home, hobbies, the way children are brought up and other projects they choose to take on.

Bill Gates has his Mars in Virgo connunct Mercury in the same sign. His mind will be sharp, creative, inquisitive and very detail-oriented. He will not take no for an answer and won't give up at the first hurdle. 'There is a solution to every (mental) problem' could be his mantra.

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